Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fairtrade (Failtrade).

So this was my first real animation project in IADT. Fairtrade came in looking for a short animation to use as an informational piece. We were told it'd want to be around the twenty/thirty second mark and could be done whichever way we wanted to do it. I decided to go with Flash as it turned out that was the main animation tool in IADT and I figured I needed to learn it fast. I got about two weeks into the project and then some personal stuff got in the way and I needed to abandon ship for a few months. When I got back to it I simplified the idea slightly and got my little nephew Andy.

I actually ended up getting a fairly decent grade for this and most of the people I've shown have been fairly happy with it. I know it's really simple and a little robotic but it was my first real attempt at Flash and I learned quite a bit doing it. My nephew also loves it and had a great time recording the voice.

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