Sunday, 5 June 2011

Life Drawings.

I've always had something of a love/hate relationship with life drawing. When I relax and get into it, I really like what I come out with, but if my head's not in it, it's all fucked. This year was also a bit of a challenge for me in regards to life drawing because it was a big change. When I was in my previous college, Cólaiste Dhúlaigh, the task was to examine the space and shapes and recreate what we see on our page. We would pay particular attention to tone and proportion. So after two years I'd led myself to believe I had gotten pretty decent at it. I had also led myself to believe that was the approach in IADT too. I was wrong. I start drawing in IADT and I see that I'm getting no love. Drawings that are just a few squiggles with a piece of charcoal are apparently "fucking beautiful", pieces that appear genderless are now "outstanding". My new teachers are apparently more into the more abstract side of things. Now, to be clear, this is fine, I have no beef with this. I just find myself having to re-learn everything. Because of this I'm not really that impressed with my own life drawing over the past year. I got a chance to do loads of experimenting but the actual window was way too short and I never really found a style that suited me. Really I just preferred the way I did things before. Hopefully next year I'll get a little time to work on this further. Anyways. Here's some of my life drawing from my Dhúlaigh days.

Pro Tip: Always listen to your iPod when you're doing some life drawing. It makes it easier to sink into your own world and prevents distraction.

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