Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I'm starting to lose sight of my thesis as I imagine an Alzheimer's victim loses their grasp of reality. Every day I find it a little harder to outline what it is that I want to say my thesis, and also that my thesis is about "saying" something. I mean, am I to pose a question and then answer it? Explore an idea? Discuss a trend? What annoys me is that I had all of the answers just a few months back and now they've seemingly disappeared. I was so enthusiastic about this at the beginning, and I promise that I have not lost my passion for the subject. I just think that now, when it actually comes time to start writing, that I'm finally stuck for words. Here's what I remember:

I want to talk about the social effect of social networking. In this case when I say social networking I mean the technological side of things. I essentially want to discuss how we all communicate and live our social lives, at least in part, through the internet. We all have a Facebook account which we fill with information. We deem our smallest of thoughts to be Tweet worthy, and suddenly a picture simply isn't worth taking unless it can be uploaded and tagged within twenty four hours. You're not officially in a relationship unless Facebook says so. You're not attractive unless you have at least two hundred followers on Twitter. None of this existed ten years ago and now we're all running out to buy Androids and iPhones just so we can feel slightly more connected to the network and thus feel more connected to all of our friends.

That's what I want to talk about. But I have completely lost sight of how I'm supposed to approach it.

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