Friday, 4 November 2011

So, That Thing I've Been Working On.

So that film I've been mentioning before, the one for college, I've been working incredibly hard on it. Thankfully my pre-production is done, many things are more or less locked down and I'm able to post about it. The idea that I told you before has evolved into something quite different but far more promising. So, where do we start?

It's called No Little Brothers Allowed and it's a short narrative comedy about a kid called Noel who wanders into his big brother's room looking for stuff to play with and ends up doing something much more than just nicking toys. The whole film is going to be made in Adobe Flash with touch ups being done either in Photoshop or After Effects. I'm capping this one about ninety seconds (short and sweet) and I intend to have the whole thing done and dusted by mid May. Everything in it has been given the go ahead so changes from here on in will be minimal.

Getting pre production done on time took an awful lot out of me. This was the first time that I've ever really had to organise so much about a film in time for a deadline without actually getting to animate. It was a very interesting and educational experience and I enjoyed it, in retrospect. I have all but my layouts essentially locked down so the next few weeks are going to be story reels and test animations. So, please. come back often. I'll be updating this blog quite regularly from here on in with little bits from the production that could be kinda cool. Until then, keep an eye out.

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