Wednesday, 21 September 2011


So here we are, time to start a new film. I had ideas, and those ideas weren't too shabby at all. But I've been thinking far too big. Be it fate or coincidence, I attended a lecture were I was told about everyone making films too big last year the morning after watching loads of really simple, really well made animations by a little British studio called Bird Box Studio. I think I now know what to do, go back to the drawing board and think small, like proper small. At the moment I'm thinking one shot, one character, one tiny little story, one layout, one minute-ish. This of course is not going to make anything easier as such, just more manageable, more suited to me and what I'm trying to achieve. I know for a fact if I take on a three minute story with After Effects and bits of Maya then I'll end up with a big mess and a broken psyche. So now, it's time to generate story ideas, and fast. I know what I want from this film and I generally have an idea of how I'd like it to look, I just need to work out what happens. The cogs are turning, just gotta let them do their job. 

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